Download Our 2024 Product Catalog

Spielbauer Fireworks offers an outstanding selection of products available from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers in the industry.  We have searched throughout the world to obtain the most exquisite pyrotechnic effects available.

One of the things that makes our inventory unique is the presence of domestically manufactured product.  These niche items are becoming more and more difficult to obtain overseas and include shells such as multiple break canisters, large diameter salutes, and extra large diameter special break shells.

We are also direct importers from several manufacturers including Sunny International, Lidu, Icon Pyrotechnics, and San Tai Trading Co.  All are extremely reputable and their products, in comparison, demonstrate superior construction and performance in the sky.

The assortment of effects we offer is unbeatable.  We offer shells that break into patterns such as hearts or stars, willows and diadems that seem to hang in the sky forever, and shells that break into any color imaginable.  We offer cakes that fire floating firework devices that burn on the surface of the water.  With thousands of varieties to offer we can assure that you are getting the best selection of fireworks available.

And, no matter where we procure the fireworks from, the safety of our customers has always been a top priority and every effort is made to assure only the highest quality fireworks pass through our facility.